Australian Betting Directory Shoots High

The very words ´┐Żbetting directory´┐Ż can put some punters off, sounding dull and laborious. Certainly, there aren't many betting directories that grab you instantaneously as fresh, clear and fun. Following on from its parent site in the United Kingdom, is all of those things and more, proving to be the best resource online for any punter in Australia and beyond.

The first striking thing about is its URL. The site was founded in Australia and is derived from, the UK-based betting directory that has blazed a gambling trail for UK punters with its up-to-the minute information covering all of the hottest free betting action. Eager punters can follow this link to see the Australian version. Like the UK version, the Australian site details every betting bonus and promotion from all of the regions top bookmakers. Whatever sport punters favour, covers all of the top betting offers Down Under while also drawing from its parental site's expertise to provide the best gambling options across Europe.

The key to the British site's success has been the currency and relevance of the site, and has continued in the same vein. The site's administrators ensure that their news section provides gamesters with every piece of industry news, including the latest betting offers as well as wider news affecting the punting public.

All of this information is not only updated on the site itself, but players can opt to subscribe to a daily email bulletin to keep their eyes on the prizes that regularly come on offer. For the more mobile customer, the site also has a Facebook page and Twitter feed, all of which are easily monitored with the use of smartphones.

Of course, this may be well and good but if the information the site offers is not of high quality then its success would be short-lived. The good news is that this is not the case for this site, which categorizes the free bets it details through a number of easy-to-navigate tabs which truly make it a site designed with the end-user in mind. Gamesters can browse the various bonuses in terms of the most recent offers, those that are ending soon, popular bonuses or the most valuable. This may seem like a small consideration, but it is often the finer points of a site that prove to be the key to its success.

In that respect, has ensured that it covers all of the minutiae of its own site as well as the free bets it details. By taking care of every single detail in a clear, concise and, above all, fun way it has given Australian and European punters all they need to achieve betting success for free.

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